Toddlers And Cavities: How Does It Happen, And How Are The Cavities Treated?

28 December 2017
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If you've recently found out that your toddler has cavities, you may be wondering how this happened in the first place. Many people don't realize that it's possible for young children to get cavities on their baby teeth. Although they're baby teeth and they'll eventually fall out, it's still important to have those teeth treated at the dental office. A children's dental care specialist may provide the services that will restore your toddler's teeth and keep them protected. Read More 

Three Ways To Make Your Dental Care More Efficient

3 December 2017
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A routine dental care regimen is essential for the long-term health of your teeth and gums, but it's even more important to make sure you're using the right techniques. Not only will you get more bang for your buck when it comes to buying dental products, but your dental health will noticeably improve. Floss Properly and Often If it comes down to choosing, it's tempting to choose brushing over flossing. But flossing should be done at least once a day, whenever you brush your teeth. Read More 

3 Steps Your Dentist Does To Determine If You Can Get A Dental Implant

1 November 2017
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One of the best decisions you can make is choosing to replace a missing tooth with a dental implant. Dental implants can last forever if you care for them properly, and they look like real teeth. They also function like real teeth, and they do not rely on the use of other teeth to hold them in place. Before you can get an implant, though, your dentist will have to complete the following three steps to make sure you are a good candidate. Read More 

3 Orthodontic Methods That Work Great For Adults

4 October 2017
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As an adult, are you self conscious of the way that your teeth look? Do you feel like you are too old for braces after not having them as a child? If so, know that you are not completely out of luck. There are orthodontic options that can work for adults just as well as they do for kids. Here are 4 options to consider for crooked teeth as an adult. Read More 

Advantages Of Having Straight Teeth

11 September 2017
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Having straight teeth can make your smile look more attractive. However, the benefits of properly aligned teeth are not purely cosmetic. Here are some of the additional advantages associated with straight teeth: More Thorough Chewing and Better Digestion People with misaligned teeth may have trouble masticating their food. Dental misalignments may cause the teeth of the upper and lower palate not to meet properly during chewing. As a result, the food may not be broken down sufficiently for proper digestion. Read More