3 Reasons Dental Cleanings Are So Important

23 September 2022
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Brushing and flossing your teeth at home each day is a great first step in maintaining good oral health. However, in addition to caring for your teeth at home, you will also need to visit your dentist a few times each year for a dental cleaning. There are several reasons why these cleanings play such an important role in your overall oral health. Continue reading below to learn more about three of these reasons. Read More 

Instilling Good Dental Hygiene Habits

26 July 2022
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Most children love sugary treats and drinks, and so do the bacteria that live in their mouths. As parents, it's important to teach your children to take care of their teeth as they're growing up. Helping them to develop good dental hygiene care habits when they are young can help them have healthy teeth well into their adulthood.  Good dental hygiene habits are developed by first understanding what primarily causes cavities to form and how to properly clean the teeth, both of which are easy to achieve with the help of a children's dentist. Read More 

Healing After A Tooth Extraction: Know What To Expect

18 July 2022
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After a tooth is extracted, the empty dental socket left behind can look a little concerning. Your gum tissues will look traumatized—red and inflamed, with some light bleeding. The healing process will begin immediately, and it's important to monitor this process. Having an idea of what to expect helps you to know how your healing is going—and if you need to report anything to your dentist. Clotting Perhaps the most important part of healing after tooth extractions is clotting. Read More 

When Is Bad Breath A Dental Emergency?

9 June 2022
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You wouldn't think bad breath would be a dental emergency, but in some cases, it can be. Or rather, it can indicate that something else is going on that would be a dental emergency. Most bad breath is caused by poor hygiene or by eating something that smells terrible, but it can also indicate that there is an infection in your mouth. Some forms of bad breath may also be a sign of a non-dental emergency – but an emergency dentist is often the best person to see first. Read More 

How to Maximize the Results of Clear Aligners

28 April 2022
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If you're looking to straighten your teeth without having to wear something that sticks out, clear aligners such as Invisalign are an option. They are completely clear molds that will straighten your teeth over time. You can maximize the potential of the product by taking these actions: Talk to a Dentist First About This Option You have a lot of teeth straightening options to choose from today. If you're set on clear aligners, it's a good idea to speak to a dentist about them. Read More