Three Strategies That Can Help Your Child Overcome Their Fear Of The Dentist

30 December 2015
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If your child is fearful about their dentist appointment, then they are far from being alone. In fact, up to three-fourths of American adults have at least a mild fear of going to the dentist. It is understandable then that children are much more likely to feel some level of dental anxiety. However, while being fearful is an understandable response, it can become a crippling problem if a child is not provided with the proper support and mental coping skills to address their fears. Read More 

Don’t Get Sick From Your Toothbrush! How You Can Guard Your Health By Prevention And The Use Of Effective Brush Cleaning

28 December 2015
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You may have never considered how dirty toothbrushes can be, but the reality is they can become literally covered by viruses and bacteria, some of which can make you sick. Below is more information on the microbial hazards that may infect your toothbrush as well as how you can prevent it from being contaminated by properly cleaning your brush: The threat to your health Well over 500 species of bacteria inhabit the human mouth, and that doesn't include other types of microorganisms such as viruses. Read More 

Why Your Dentist Won’t Give You Teeth Like An Argentinian Rugby Player

21 October 2015
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An Argentinian beer company recently experienced global attention when it teamed up with a dentist to equip rugby players with tooth implants that doubled as bottle openers. Many American viewers had but one question after seeing the advertisement -- where could they get one? If you love the look these Argentinian rugby players are currently sporting, there are a few things you should know before you go looking for a dentist who will install a top-popper in your mouth. Read More 

4 Ways Dental Bonding Can Help Your Teeth

19 October 2015
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Many people are aware that dentists can file down teeth that are misshapen or excessively sharp. However, you may not know that dentists can also build onto the enamel by adding dental composite through a process called dental bonding. Here are four of the most common applications of dental bonding. Repairing Cracked Teeth Cracked enamel is one of the most noticeable cosmetic dental problems. Luckily, dentists can use bonding to repair cracks without replacing the tooth as long as the pulp (the layer beneath the enamel) is not damaged. Read More 

What To Do When Your Child’s Baby Teeth Don’t Fall Out

15 October 2015
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Losing one's baby teeth is an important milestone in a child's life. Starting as early as age 4, the average child's baby teeth begin giving way to permanent teeth. It's a gradual process that can last throughout your child's early pre-pubescent years and, in some cases, you may become alarmed when a baby tooth fails to drop when it's supposed to. Here's why that can happen and what you can do about it. Read More