Advantages Of Having Straight Teeth

11 September 2017
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Having straight teeth can make your smile look more attractive. However, the benefits of properly aligned teeth are not purely cosmetic. Here are some of the additional advantages associated with straight teeth:

More Thorough Chewing and Better Digestion

People with misaligned teeth may have trouble masticating their food. Dental misalignments may cause the teeth of the upper and lower palate not to meet properly during chewing. As a result, the food may not be broken down sufficiently for proper digestion. Once the teeth are no longer misaligned, symptoms of indigestion from chewing problems may improve. 

Whiter Teeth

It can be difficult to properly clean crooked teeth, especially if crowding is a factor. The bristles of a standard toothbrush may be unable to reach some of the crevices between the teeth. Even floss may not be fit in the restricted space between crowded or misaligned teeth. As a result, more plaque may accumulate and eventually harden into yellow tartar. In addition, colorants from ingested food and drinks may remain on the teeth long enough to build up and cause staining. 

Less Jaw Pain

Crooked teeth can cause the jaws to meet unevenly. As a result, when the person with the dental misalignment chews, the jaw muscles may feel strained. Painful headaches may also ensue.

Correcting the dental misalignment can relieve the jaw strain and the associated headaches.

Better Diction

A dental misalignment can make it more difficult to pronounce words easily or correctly. Certain consonant sounds may only be formed when the teeth are properly positioned. 

The tongue sometimes moves against the teeth to form certain sounds. Teeth that are bucked, gapped or have bite issues may make it more difficult for the tongue to move properly during enunciation.

Improved Self-esteem

Straighter teeth can improve confidence levels. People who feel more attractive are often more confident. In addition, the alleviation of speech impediments can improve self-esteem. Patients who may have been uncomfortable and overly reserved in past social situations may become more apt to interact with others, improving their quality of life.

Less Damage to Sensitive Soft Tissues

Teeth that are crooked may protrude unevenly, damaging the inner lips, cheeks, or other soft tissues of the mouth. Proper alignment can present a smooth dental surface that does not cause cuts or abrasions.

If you have misaligned teeth and would like to learn about suitable alignment options, contact a dentist in your area like Paul Dona DDS to schedule a consultation.