The 4 Things That Set Apart Natural-Looking Dentures

9 January 2023
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

One of the most common myths and misconceptions about dentures is that they all look fake and unattractive. In reality, modern dental technologies and techniques have made it possible to get dentures that look like your natural teeth. 

When you need denture services, go to a professional dentist who will achieve that natural look by combining the following four critical elements.

1. Use of Quality Materials and Matching Colors and Shades

If you can spot dentures from a mile away, it's more likely the set is made from cheap, low-quality material. The material gives the dentures an unpleasant plastic and fake look. On the other hand, ceramic dentures look more natural, and it's hard to tell them apart from your natural teeth. You will get the best results when you choose a shade similar to that of your natural teeth.

2. Factoring in Teeth Texture

Are your teeth smooth with a glossy finish? Or are they stipple with a matte finish? The denture services specialist should carefully consider your teeth' texture and ensure the dentures' texture is a match. Any mismatch in the texture may make your dentures look fake.

3. The Fit

Your dentures will definitely stand out if they are too big or too small in your mouth. Cheap and mass-produced dentures, such as the temporary kind you can get over the counter, may not fit your mouth properly. On the other hand, a professional dental practice offering denture services will custom-fit the dentures. The dentist will take detailed impressions and measurements of your mouth to inform the best fit. 

In addition to the natural appearance, properly fitting dentures are more comfortable. Keep in mind that the dentures may not be as comfortable initially, and you may have to deal with some sensitivity, but this should go away soon enough if the fit is right. Your dentist will provide instructions and helpful tips to make the dentures more comfortable within a shorter time.

4. On-Going Maintenance

Like other dental appliances or restorations, you must care for your dentures. Proper oral hygiene will keep your dentures looking good for a long time. Additionally, ensure you go in for regular dental check-ups where the denture services specialist may adjust your appliances accordingly. Your gums shrinking over time is the primary reason you may need denture readjustment. 

Dentures are an excellent tooth replacement option. They can help you regain confidence in your smile, especially if they look natural and don't stand out from the rest of your natural teeth. Consult a professional dentist when you get the dentures and even after you have had them for some time.