Does Your Teen Need A Root Canal? Know How You Can Help Them Recover

18 December 2019
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Have you been telling your teen for years that they need to do a better job at brushing their teeth, and their pediatric dentist has now told them that they need to get a root canal? This reality check in dental care can be a bit of a challenge to go through. Here are some tips for helping your teen recover from their root canal procedure. 

Prepare a Recovery Area

Your teen will need to get plenty of rest when they return home. It will help to have a recovery area set up so that they are comfortable. Pick a chair or sofa where they can keep their head elevated, and have pillows so that they can rest their head. It will also help to have food on hand that is easy for them to eat, such as gelatin, yogurt, pudding, and ice cream. They'll likely want to eat soft foods that are cold to ease any discomfort.

Have Their Pain Medication Ready

The anesthesia provided by the dentist is only going to last for a limited amount of time. They may feel like they are fine right after returning home, but they'll be in pain after the anesthesia wears off. Have their pain medication ready to go, which may require filling a prescription at the local pharmacy. You do not want to wait until the pain hits them to start scrambling to get them their pain medication.

Be Aware of Infection Signs

It is possible that the area of the root canal has an infection after the procedure. You'll want to inspect the area for potential problems so you can have the infection treated quickly with an antibiotic. You should look for swelling in the area of the root canal, which may be accompanied by a discharge that has a bad odor to it. The area may also increase in pain rather than decrease, though that may come later on after the infection sets in. If you notice these problems, contact the dentist right away for their recommended treatment. They may want to see the tooth in person to see what is happening.

Having your teen get a root canal will help save the tooth so that they do not lose it. Make sure to have your teen visit a dentist regularly for checkups and inspections to prevent future dental problems from occurring. Hopefully, they'll stay on top of brushing now that they've gone through a root canal procedure.