3 Common Dental Issues That Cosmetic Dentistry Can Fix

1 November 2018
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Cosmetic dentistry is an important field because it focuses on the aesthetics of your teeth. If you're experiencing the following problems, then working with a cosmetic dentist may be just what you need for a better smile. 

Yellow Teeth 

It's pretty common for some of your teeth to start turning yellow as you age. You may get too comfortable with your oral routines and thus not take the proper steps to keep your teeth white. Fortunately, having yellow teeth doesn't have to be a permanent issue.

Cosmetic dentists offer in-house teeth whitening where they'll apply a whitening agent to the front surface of your teeth. This gel, once activated by a light or laser, will substantially fade away the yellow stains on your teeth. If you go in for several whitening treatments, then you may not even be able to notice the yellow stains anymore.

Chipped Teeth 

Having a chipped tooth is often pretty noticeable. It may cause you a lot of self-esteem issues and you may lack confidence in certain social situations. You can get some of this confidence back by seeking help from a cosmetic dentist that can perform dental bonding.

For this procedure, they'll administer a composite resin material to the chipped tooth. It's sculpted until the tooth is whole again. The resin material can even be adjusted in terms of its color so no one can even tell that a portion of your tooth is not real. Best of all, this process can be completed relatively quickly. 

Missing Teeth 

Out of all of the cosmetic dental issues you could experience, missing teeth are probably the most noticeable. That doesn't mean you can't turn back the hands of time to a point when you had a full set of teeth.

To give you a complete smile, a cosmetic dentist can put dental implants in your gums. They will remain there permanently so you don't have to worry about them falling out when you go to eat and talk. Dental implants also look exactly like real teeth, an important aspect you'll need when feeling confident about your smile in public.

Just because there are cosmetic issues with your teeth doesn't mean you have to hide under a rock and worry about your appearance. All you need to do is work with an experienced cosmetic dentist. They offer many services that can restore your teeth and your confidence as well.