Answering Orthodontic Questions And Concerns

19 June 2017
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Having the misfortune of having teeth that are misaligned. When teeth are misaligned, it can have a substantial impact on booth the appearance of your mouths as well as the way that it functions. Correcting the appearance of your teeth will probably require you to receive orthodontic treatments as these procedures can help to gradually straighten your teeth and correct your smile.  

What Happens During Your Initial Visit With An Orthodontist?

During the process of getting braces, you will need to undergo an initial consultation with your orthodontist. This consultation is necessary so that the doctor can analyze the severity of your dental problems, explain the various treatment options and help you to make a choice. This entire process can take a couple of hours, as your orthodontist will need to x-ray your mouth so that they can more closely analyze any structural or spacing issues with the teeth.

Will Your Orthodontic Treatments Be Finished When The Braces Are Removed?

When individuals have to wear braces, they will frequently be very excited at the thought of their treatments be concluded. Unfortunately, there are some individuals that assume that these treatments will be over once the braces are removed. However, it is common for individuals to need to wear retainers to prevent the teeth from shifting position. For those that want to avoid the hassle of managing a removable retainer, it can be possible to have a permanent retainer installed. These devices are essentially thin metal bars that are installed behind the teeth to help keep them in place.

Can Braces Pose Any Problems For Your Teeth?

There are some concerns that wearing braces can lead to complications with a patient's teeth. Often, individuals will have worries that their braces will damage their teeth. However, it is extremely rare for individuals to experience any significant complication with their braces. Typically, the most significant risk will be a slightly higher risk of developing cavities as it can be difficult to clean the teeth around the brace. For this reason, you need to make a concerted effort to thoroughly clean your teeth.

Receiving orthodontic treatments can be necessary to make your smile as attractive as possible. Without these treatments, tooth alignments and other issues may not be able to be corrected. If you know what to expect from your initial meeting with an orthodontist, the importance of wearing your retainers along with the need to keep your teeth clean, you will find your experience wearing braces goes smoothly and efficiently.