Things To Know About Dental Bondings

8 May 2017
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Tooth damage is an issue that will often cause intense pain and discomfort, but it is often the long-term cosmetic complications that can be posed by serious tooth damage. Dental bonding is designed to remedy this type of issue, but you will need to have a working knowledge of this procedure to be able to decide if it can be used for your particular dental problem.

What Are The Types Of Problems That Can Be Addressed With Dental Bonding?

Bonding is the process of applying a durable resin to the surface of the damaged tooth, and it is commonly used to repair teeth that have suffered serious cracks, splits and chips. In addition to sealing the damaged area of the tooth, this procedure can be used to gradually restore the shape and appearance of the tooth. Due to the fact that the bonding material will have to be applied in numerous layers, you should expect the process of having this treatment performed to take several hours to be completed. Fortunately, dental bondings are relatively painless when they are applied, which can be a relief for anyone considering this option.

Will Dental Bondings Ever Need To Be Replaced?

While the resin that is applied to the teeth will be extremely durable, the conditions in the mouth can be very wearing on the bondings. Despite being made of extremely durable composite resins, bonding will eventually need to be replaced. Failing to replace these bondings can result in them developing chips and cracks.

The process of replacing the bondings may sound like it will be unpleasant, but this procedure is relatively mild. The first step will be for the previous bonding material to be removed, which can be done with a specially designed drilled. After this has been completed, the dentist will apply the new bonding. Due to the fact that the previous layer of bonding will need to be removed, the process of replacing the bonding will take slightly longer them when they were first applied. Luckily, this is a task that will only need to be done after many years of having the bondings.

Dental bondings can be an excellent treatment option for those that have suffered serious damage to their teeth. While it can be easy to assume that this procedure only provides cosmetic benefits, it can also help to prevent functional issues. Knowing the issues addressed by dental bondings as well as the need to have them replaced should help you with evaluating this treatment choice. For more information, contact companies like Cherry Hill Dentistry LLC.