2 Simple Tips To Help Get Rid Of Inflammation After Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Extracted As A Young Adult

24 April 2017
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Many people often get their wisdom teeth extracted at a young age. However, it is also common for young adults to undergo the procedure as well. If you waited until later in life to get your wisdom teeth extracted, then they may not have been bothering you. As you get older, your wisdom teeth can grow in impacted. An impacted tooth does not fully have room to emerge from the gum line, and this can result in infection as well as constant pain. Once you undergo a wisdom tooth removal process, you may be left with some inflammation. The inflammation can result in swelling and redness and cause a large amount of discomfort during the early stages. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can use to help get rid of this inflammation.

Consider Cold Therapy

Cold therapy is often used for people who take part in intense sports. The cold helps to slow down blood flow to the areas that are inflamed. This will reduce the swelling and will help to get rid of any kind of pain. You can create your own cold therapy after your wisdom tooth extraction by using crushed ice. Wrap the crushed ice in a plastic sandwich bag until it is packed full. Place the cold bag against the outside of your mouth. If it is too cold, you can place a cloth in between your skin and the bag. Your skin and teeth will begin to feel numb the longer you hold the bag. It is important to keep the bag against your skin for as long as possible.

Create an Anti-inflammatory Mouthwash

You may have heard of antibacterial mouthwashes that are used for killing off oral bacteria. Fortunately, you can make your own anti-inflammatory mouthwash that can be used to get rid of inflammation. The oral wash can be created with the help of an anti-inflammatory herb like meadowsweet. Simply take a few teaspoons of dried meadowsweet and place it in an empty bowl. Fill the bowl with hot water and allow the meadowsweet to steep. Wait until the herb turns the color of the water slightly brown. The darker the water becomes, the stronger the mixture is. Use the mouth wash to clean your mouth in the morning and at night.

Inflammation will slowly subside as time progresses and your extraction begins to heal. Use these tips to make sure that you do not experience much discomfort.