Going to College Soon? Get a Dental Exam, Cleaning, and Whitening Beforehand

6 April 2017
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Some people stay in the same area when they graduate high school and go to college. But you may be going to a university in another city, which means you will no longer have direct access to the places that you normally go to get your medical checkups, groceries, teeth cleanings, and gasoline fill ups. While you could have your dental records transferred to another dentist in the area where you are going to live, this may not be necessary when you intend on coming back for the holidays and during summertime. It is ideal to make an appointment with your dentist to get a few services before heading off to college.

Show Up to School With a Bright Smile

An excellent service that you may not have used in the past is teeth whitening. It is great for when you are going to college in a new place as a freshman. This is the time when you will want to make good impressions on everyone that you meet including roommates, professors, and other students. It is an all-around improvement to the whiteness of your teeth that you should not pass up.

Make Sure Your Teeth Are Clean

Another service that you should be used to getting is a standard cleaning. You will feel more comfortable letting the dentist that you have seen while growing up clean your teeth compared to a new professional. It is best to schedule a cleaning right before leaving to minimize the gap between your next cleaning. You should let them know about college so that they can give you advice on long-term cleaning. Also, if a dental emergency were to happen, they may be able to recommend a dental practice near wherever you are moving.

Fix Cavities Before Leaving

Cavities only get worse with time, so you need to take care of them before you leave. While you could wait until winter or summer break when you come back for a while, you are better off getting them filled in as soon as possible to minimize the risk that they turn into eventual root canal procedures. This process will also save you from toothaches throughout the year so that you can focus on school.

With college around the corner, one of the smartest things you can do in preparation is to see a dentist for standard services as well as teeth whitening to give yourself a confidence boost before leaving.