White Bread May Make Dental Implants Necessary For Children

31 March 2017
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Many young children enjoy eating white bread, rather than wheat or heavy-grain breads. However, this is a mistake that can cause serious dental problems later in life. In fact, it can cause tooth decay so severe that dental implants may be necessary.

Breads Can Be Just As Problematic To Dental Health

While most people are aware the very sweet foods are problematic for dental health, less people are aware of the dangers of white bread and simple carbohydrates. Bread that is heavy in grains aren't as problematic as white breads that are made with white flour. These breads tend to hang around in the mouth after ingestion and help feed bacteria growth in the mouth.

The reason this problem is more likely to affect children is that many prefer eating white bread to wheat. Even worse, they may also have poor dental hygiene habits that can contribute to a further problem. As a result, they are more likely to suffer from this problem than adults.

Symptoms Bread Has Caused Tooth Decay

When eating too much starchy breads or simple carbohydrates, a person is increasing their risk of developing minor or serious tooth decay. Decay is one of those problems that gets continually worse once it begins. Tooth decay in children, and their baby teeth, is often quick to occur due to their rather smaller size and less developed state.

Symptoms that white bread has caused decay in a child's teeth include a variety of problems, including pain and discolorations. Regular visits to the dentist for cleaning can help many children avoid serious decay and repair cavities. Unfortunately, if these cavities grow too serious, dental implants may be necessary but only with extreme care.

How Dental Implants Can Help

When a child has suffered from dental decay, a dental implant can help by replacing the problematic tooth. In younger children, dental implants are tricky to implement because they require many different considerations. For example, a child's growing jaw can be negatively impacted by a dental implant if the dental surgeon isn't careful.

That said, many dentists consider dental implants a useful tool for children if they are implemented in a way that will help support the child's jaw shape and promote a proper facial structure. They can also restore a child's smile and avoid the spread of serious dental decay caused by white breads.

Cutting back on starchy foods with simple carbohydrates can help protect a person's teeth and their dental implant investment. To learn more about this process, talk to a dentist near you, such as Richard L. Myers, DDS, and get an assessment down on your potentially damaged teeth.