4 Treatments To Get The Perfect TV Show Host Smile

22 March 2016
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While watching TV, it may be hard to miss white and glimmering smiles featured on game show hosts, talk show hosts and other TV personalities. Instead of being stumped on how they achieve TV-perfect smiles, you can visit a cosmetic dentist and have procedures done to help match them. The following four types of treatments can be completed at a cosmetic dentist, and within a few weeks your smile will be similar to the ones seen on all types of television shows.

Whitening Tooth Trays

One of the keys to a perfect TV host smile is glimmering white teeth. At a cosmetic dentist, you can undergo professional treatments to evenly whiten your teeth and keep them bright for several months. To evenly whiten all of your teeth and ensure they are covered, a dentist will form a tooth tray around your mouth. After performing x-rays and scans, a plastic tray will be form-fitted to only fit your mouth. This tray is then filled with a whitening solution that is left on your teeth for several minutes.

A whitening tray process is completed several times over a few weeks. For quick jobs, you can use highly-concentrated whitening right in the office. A cosmetic dentist may also offer a take-home method where you use your custom tray and the whitening solution on your own. This is a great way to whiten if you have a busy schedule. You can whiten at night or during hours when the dentist wouldn't be open.

Laser Whitening Treatment

Another whitening option for your teeth is a laser whitening treatment. This treatment is done at the dental office and can provide quicker results than the traditional whitening solution. The process for laser whitening is pretty simple and pain free. Before the laser treatment begins, a dentist will thoroughly clean your teeth. This ensures that no debris or plaque get treated by the laser and interfere with the whitening process.

Once the cleaning is complete, your mouth is prepared for the laser treatment. A protective gel is applied to the gums and the whitening solution is added to the teeth. The laser light will then go over the solution to leave stains and help your teeth turn a vivid white. The process often takes less than an hour, but it varies on the dentist. The process is typically completed in one appointment.

Dental Crowns

Cover up any cracked or chipped teeth with a dental crown. Traditionally, dental crowns were made of metal that would create a metallic look in your mouth. Now, you can get porcelain crowns that go over your teeth and create a look that helps match your other teeth. A dentist will use x-rays and scans to help the crown match in height and size. Once completed, it will be extremely hard to tell the difference between your crown and the natural teeth in your mouth. The result will give you an even look that is similar to various TV show hosts.

Dental Implants

If you have any missing teeth, they can be replaced with dental implants. A dental implant is a permanent tooth replacement that is actually fused to your jawbone. By choosing dental implants, you can work with a dentist to choose the ideal smile that you want. Images of other smiles that you like can be used for reference. Once the dental implants are installed, they will feel and act like regular teeth.

A consultation is your first step in correcting your smile. By expressing your vision for your teeth, you can get results that you are satisfied with. Contact a company like All About Smiles Incorporated to get started.