5 Tips for Wearing Invisalign Braces

24 September 2019
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Invisalign braces come with many benefits. They're invisible, comfortable, and easier to care for than traditional braces. However, in order to get optimal results, you have to wear your clear aligners correctly and take good care of them. Here are some helpful tips for wearing Invisalign braces. Remember to Wear Your Aligners for Most of the Day One of the main benefits of Invisalign braces is that you can remove them at any time of the day. Read More 

Teeth Whitening Can Break Apart Nicotine Stains And Help You Get A Job After College

22 August 2019
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You—like all heavy and light smokers—know that cigarettes aren't good for your health, but enjoyed smoking when you were drinking in college. However, your nicotine-stained teeth are holding you back from finding a job and you aren't sure what to do. Get teeth whitening to ensure your teeth are healthy. Nicotine Stains May Be Upsetting Though you're by no means a heavy smoker, you enjoyed a few packs throughout your time in college. Read More 

Children And Sports Drinks: Does Your Child Consume Too Much?

22 July 2019
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If your child plays sports, such as soccer or gymnastics, they may drink different types of beverages to stay hydrated. Some of the beverages your loved one might consume too much are sports drinks. Although athletes of all ages consume sports drinks, the beverages might not be good for their teeth. Learn more about sports drinks and how they affect your youngster's teeth below. How Does Sports Drinks Affect Your Child's Teeth? Read More 

Tips To Help You Through Sedation Dentistry

26 June 2019
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Sedation dentistry has made it possible for many people to undergo dental treatments that they would have otherwise done everything to avoid. Instead of having to go through many trips to the dentist to get old dental issues repaired, you can have it all done in one procedure. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you prepare for sedation dentistry and make the experience even easier than it already is. Read More 

Dental Implants – Still Helpful When Other Teeth Go Bad

28 May 2019
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Many people have undergone numerous dental procedures by the time they reach adulthood. Sometimes, those procedures included dental implants to fill in the gaps where teeth have needed to be extracted. What happens when the teeth around the implant fail and need to be extracted? Here, you'll find out how that implant can help with filling the new gap left behind. Discuss the Options Your dentist will discuss all of your options, but there are two main options that you'll want to research - multi-tooth implants and partial dentures. Read More