Does Your Teen Need A Root Canal? Know How You Can Help Them Recover

18 December 2019
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Have you been telling your teen for years that they need to do a better job at brushing their teeth, and their pediatric dentist has now told them that they need to get a root canal? This reality check in dental care can be a bit of a challenge to go through. Here are some tips for helping your teen recover from their root canal procedure.  Prepare a Recovery Area Your teen will need to get plenty of rest when they return home. Read More 

Dental Treatments You Might Have to Undergo During Your Lifetime

20 November 2019
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Dental treatment services can be done for both cosmetic and health reasons. By taking advantage of the various treatment options that are available for improving your smile, you can help to protect your appearance and your oral health. Shaping Tooth shaping can be an important procedure for situations where a tooth has suffered either damage or developmental issues that have impacted the appearance of the tooth. When this problem is impacting one of the teeth towards the front of your mouth, it can create particularly severe cosmetic impacts. Read More 

3 Questions About Dental Sealants

22 October 2019
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Are you worried about your child getting cavities in their adult teeth? IF so, you may be considering dental sealants as a way to prevent tooth decay. Here are some common questions about getting dental sealants. How Old Does A Child Need To Be To Get Dental Sealants? Many people have a misconception about how old a child needs to be to get dental sealants. You do not need to delay this procedure until they are in their teens or all of their adult teeth come in. Read More 

5 Tips for Wearing Invisalign Braces

24 September 2019
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Invisalign braces come with many benefits. They're invisible, comfortable, and easier to care for than traditional braces. However, in order to get optimal results, you have to wear your clear aligners correctly and take good care of them. Here are some helpful tips for wearing Invisalign braces. Remember to Wear Your Aligners for Most of the Day One of the main benefits of Invisalign braces is that you can remove them at any time of the day. Read More 

Teeth Whitening Can Break Apart Nicotine Stains And Help You Get A Job After College

22 August 2019
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You—like all heavy and light smokers—know that cigarettes aren't good for your health, but enjoyed smoking when you were drinking in college. However, your nicotine-stained teeth are holding you back from finding a job and you aren't sure what to do. Get teeth whitening to ensure your teeth are healthy. Nicotine Stains May Be Upsetting Though you're by no means a heavy smoker, you enjoyed a few packs throughout your time in college. Read More