How Adult Braces Can Help Boxers With Dislocated Jaws

17 July 2017
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Boxing is a difficult career choice, but it can be a good one for the right person. That said, it can seriously impact their dental health and even cause problems such as a dislocated jaw or crooked teeth. Understanding how braces can help is crucial to treating the problem.

When the Jaw Dislocates

Boxers or other people involved in the fighting industry often end up with dislocated jaws. Obviously, people who get hit in the face for a living can end up suffering from these types of injuries. Typically, a dislocated jaw needs to be reset and allowed to heal over a period of time. Most of the time, a person's jaw is likely to heal into place quickly and without many changes.

Unfortunately, boxers may end up getting their jaws dislocated multiple times. As a result, they increase their chances of an improperly set jaw. It may also lead to severe dental problems that can cause their teeth to end up dislocated and requiring serious repair products, such as braces.

How This Leads to Dislocated Teeth

An improperly set jaw or one that has been broken multiple times may end up causing a person's teeth to adjust their position. As a result, it is possible that they end up getting a crooked smile. Even worse, they can suffer from a problem known as TMJ. This dental health problem causes a lot of pain and can make it very difficult for a person to live a healthy life.

When a person suffers from these problems, adult braces can help them get back on their feet. This act is crucial for a boxer because the severity of punches to their face may cause further dental problems. While they may not be able to wear braces while boxing, they can get some treatment done.

Adult Braces Can Help

Adult braces are designed to help straighten a person's teeth quickly and efficiently. It can also help with certain types of pain, such as TMJ. So boxers who have crooked teeth or who suffer from TMJ can get the help they need to get back in the ring. Thankfully, many adult braces come in the form of removable braces that they can take out to train or even to box.

However, boxers who have permanent braces on their teeth are typically still able to perform. It all depends on the rules of their particular league. Some leagues will allow it if the boxer has a waiver from a doctor. However, others will ban it entirely.

As a result, it is important for boxers to talk to the league first before getting their teeth correct. If they can, it is a good idea to invest in adult braces and fix serious dental problems before they become worse. For more information, contact a business such as Montano & Cardall Orthodontic Specialists.